Plan an Italian Night!

Much of our red wine drinking these days centers around the yummy and the smooth. How can you resist delicious Californians and Chileans! But, there is such a thing as too much “˜niceness’, and that’s why God gave us Italy. The land that celebrates gutsy and rustic ““ the vitality in tomato sauce. We all need a weekly hit of Italian reality, such as a bottle or two of Chianti. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal on Frescobaldi’s Castiglioni.

Follow the good living (and good relationship) advice from Wayne and Wendy Rider of Stratford (who have been on our Italy Tour TWICE!): every Saturday night is “Italian night” ““ they crack open a bottle of Italian and cook up something that compliments. Cin Cin!

FRESCOBALDI 16 Chianti “˜Castiglioni’, Tuscany, Italy 545319 $15.95 ($12.45 till Feb 29)

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