Perfect Summer Red

SatoriThere’s a very good new Valpolicella (light red) on the shelves from a producer called Sartori that’s got the classic frank fruitiness and refreshing edge that makes Valpolicella so gulpable. And so good with any food – pasta, pizza, burgers, wings, pork loin – everything other than the heavy meats. I over-chilled my bottle and it turned out perfect. An hour in the fridge, or ten in the freezer – and you’re ready for the patio.

Cannot understand why wineries present light reds in serious-looking packaging – with a traditional cork. Fun, light wines like this need to be in clear glass, with a screw cap, so the package tell the shopper what to expect.

SARTORI 12 Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy 378109 $13.95

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No Corkscrew? No problem!

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