Olympic Watching Wines #4


Here’s a thought. If we’re watching our athletes competing against the best why shouldn’t we be sipping on some of our best wines? TV watching is usually associated with low quality drinks, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not multi-task ““ double the fun ““ with interesting wine experiences?Not the super-expensive, but certainly an upgrade.

Everyone loves Pinot Noir and it’s one of Canada’a best performers. Several wineries produce gold medal quality editions but I’d like to recommend a pair of ‘silvers’ that are more affordable and suited to mid-week sipping. Pelee’s Pinot is a bit of a secret and a great value. A lively partner for pizza. Prospect’s Pinot is more mellow and West Coast. Think hot ‘n spicy foods.

PELEE ISLAND 08 Pinot Noir Reserve, VQA Pelee Island 135939 $14.75
Prospect Winery 07 Pinot Noir ‘Fats Johnson’, VQA Okanagan Valley 92304 $15.95

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  • This is a wonderful premimum wine from Pelee Island at a not so premimum price. If I owned a restaurant, this is one of the wines I would have on my wine list. It’s affordable and will pair well with most meals.

    Keep in mind that Pelee has three Pinot Noir labels. There is this one, the Reserve, a VQA Ontario red label bottle and a NON VQA Cellered in Canada blend. Buy the reserve!

    Nose is not overwelming, but most Ontario Pinot Noir’s aren’t anyway. Some hints of earth, soil, and oak.

    Gary Killops

    Great balance, making this a nice smooth wine. Mild tannins on the finish. Noted flavours of strawberries, earth and oak in the taste.

  • I’ve tried the Pelee Island VQA Pinot Noir and the non VQA version and actually think that the non vqa Pinot Noir is a very decent wine for the price ($10.95). LCBO had that one on sale for $9.95 for a while and it seemed to be developing quite a following. Since its non VQA, the source of the juice is a mystery. Any idea’s?

  • Ian, Pelee’s ‘offshore’ Pinot is certainly decent for the price. As are 10,000 other bargain wines in the world. But you are changing the subject. Pelee’s Reserve Pinot is a local ‘champion’ to enjoy during our week of champion athletes. And thereafter.
    P.S. Wineries do not disclose the source of their ‘imported’ products.

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