Not so Cookoo!

cookoothama2It’s easy to be put suspect of Aussie wines with all their animal and ethnic labeling. A pair not to miss however is the Cookoothama red and white that deliver lots of wine character for $14.

P.S. These wines are produced by the Nugan family winery and Cook-a-thama’ is an aboriginal word for “˜fertile land’.

COOKOOTHAMA 07 Chardonnay, Australia 619403 $14.05
Lush, rich but not overdone. More grace than glitz. An invitation to relax. Read a book wine.

COOKOOTHAMA 06 Shiraz, Australia 619460 $14.05
Concentrated, with lots of fruit and spice. Feels more playful and more together than most Aussie reds. Burgers or ribs.

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