Next Era of Italian White Wines

Not that Italy has out attention with Pinot Grigio, it only makes sense to explore what else they can do in whites. Meet Mr Soave, a traditional white from the Veneto, home of a lot of Pinot Grigios. There is a family resemblance, but good Soave is a shade richer and more flavourful. Could be likened to non-oaked Chardonnay. Really good everyday wine that’s also special enough for fancy tastes and times. More savoury than fruity, and a really good partner with food. Handy screw cap and stylish looks round out the show.

Anselmi is a top producer of Soave, but he markets his wines by brand names such as this San Vincenzo. Soave got a bad rap several years ago when it was over produced and over exposed, so you won’t see the name on Anselmi’s wines.

ANSELMI 11 Soave, “˜San Vincenzo’, Italy 948158 (Vintages Essentials) $14.95


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