My Kind of Moscato

Just in case you have not heard, Moscato is the new hot thing in wine. Wines produced from the Moscato grape (similar to Gewurztraminer and Torrontes) tend to have a seductive perfume and to be made in a slightly, or medium, sweet style. The real news is why has it taken so long for Moscato to get discovered, as it has the yummy quality that most people want in a drink.

I’m delighted with the Moscato craze because unlike previous fads such as Blush, or Blue Nun which were wines manipulated for crowd appeal, this is about a wine that is naturally nice. The personality is genuine. Sure some will be less genuine than others, but overall people are discovering one of the most overlooked treats in wine. How good is that!

Italy is home to Moscato with a tradition of fermenting it in a sparkling, low alcohol style.

Check out BOTTEGA Moscato, Italy 588780 $12.35
But the current wave is about still wines, mainly from California and Australia. I’ve previously recommended the Aussie Moscato by McWILLIAM’S (212696 $14.95) and today’s pick is another hit from down under by the masters of value, JACOB’S CREEK. It feels drier than most due to the tangy freshness, slight spritz and low flavour. Could be the best spritzer in the world. Perfect for patio/party sipping, or to ease your way into Sunday morn. Or buy a few bottles for Mother’s Day… I bet she’ll love it.

JACOB’S CREEK 2011 Moscato, Australia 265157 $10.95

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