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bubbly$Do you get more when you pay more for bubbly? Not really. But the wine often feels more elegant, and the occasion may require a fancier label or gesture.

Niagara’s cool climate and soil structure are ideal “¨for producing classic-style Sparkling. Such as Ch. des Charmes which has the high-pitched note and pure quality of Champagne.~  Quality bubbly.
Chateau des Charmes Brut, VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario 145409 $22.95

Henry’s Brut Rosé is a mix of challenging austerity and delicate flavours. Refreshing, stimulating and inspiring the imagination. Perfect.
Henry of Pelham Brut Rosé ‘Cuvee Catharine’, VQA Niagara 4051 $29.75

Despite its hot climate, California produces very elegant Sparkling wines. Mumm Napa combines tart refreshment with sourdough flavours that create a hugh desire for food. Topnotch aperitif.
Mumm Napa Brut ‘PRESTIGE’, California 265678 $27.75

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