Masi: Improving with Age

masiImproving with Age ““ the Masi Way

Much is written about wine improving with age, but what about wineries improving? I was asked recently if Masi Campofiorin was ‘still good’, to which I replied ‘Better than ever!‘ I highly recommend the 06 vintage and it’s in my new book.

Not only has Masi maintained quality over the 25 years I’ve been drinking their wines, they also have stuck with Italy’s traditional, vigorous, gutsy style ““ when many of their neighbouring Amarone and Ripasso producers have soften, smooth out and sweetened their wines for greater international appeal.

Masi Valpolicella Ripasso ‘Campofiorin’, Veneto, Italy 155051 $17.45
“Deep earthy flavours combined with an assured, confident feeling, The sense of something that’s been around forever. Invites you to linger and spend the night. Best with primo meats, simply grilled. If possible, decant an hour before.” (from Billy’s Best Bottles Wines for 2010)

Masi 06 Amarone Valpolicella ‘Costasera’, Veneto, Italy 317057 $37.25
“More winter warmth than a fireplace. Flavours seem to be a mile deep. Wine to nourish the body and soul. Will be even more exciting in 2-3 years.” (from Billy’s Best Bottles Wines for 2010)

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