Loving Malbec over Cab/Shiraz


Wine drinkers follow fashion trends like everyone else. We love something for a period, then drop it for a new love. I guess it’s human nature to enjoy change – but ‘how much’ change do we want? My observation is ‘very little’, at least in wine. We are more into the notion of change, so we’re not seen to be stick-in-the-muds.

Argentina Malbec is the most recent fashion in red wine. Even my brother drinks it. Won’t touch another red. “Sorry, but I only enjoy Malbec.” He’s not alone judging by the number of people I hear diss Cabernet or Shiraz in favour of Malbec. So what is it that draws them to Malbec – why is it so popular? Trendiness is the only explanation I can offer as there is little or no difference between Malbec and the has-been gang of Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet. We’re still drinking the same-old-favourite, but with a new name.

Pascual’s wine has the density and heft of Cabernet, the fullness of Merlot, along with some of the spicy sweetness/smoothness that drew people to Shiraz. So, the same popular characteristics – but with a different name. I hear that the next fashion in red is blends. A return not only to Cabernet and Shiraz, but Merlot. And how will it taste? A lot like Malbec, of course.

PASCUAL TOSO 14 Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 35170 $13.95

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