Have a Long Dog Day

longdogPrince Edward County’s Long Dog is one of the Ontario’s most remote wineries but ‘worth the drive’, as they say in Acton.

In its early years the winery was criticized for high prices but all the wines I tasted one afternoon offered value for money.

Fans of white Burgundy would love the earthy character of 07 “˜Bella’ Chardonnay $28. Mature, lush and lovely. If you think that the 08 Rosé tastes like a light Pinot, you’re correct. That’s what it is ““ a great value at $18. Barrel Select 08 Pinot is fresh, fruity and a lovely summer red at $28. Top Dog 08 Pinot at $36 is more classic with a little “˜farmyard’. Okay, now for the expensive stuff, “˜Otto’ 08 Pinot Noir is $50.

It could be the most concentrated and profound Pinot in Canada ““ and would certainly be twice the price if it hailed from Burgundy. www.longdog.ca

Long Dog is located in the south of the County and I highly recommend you combine it with a visit to the Waupoos region ““ home of County Cider (great lake view), Fifth Town Cheese (amazing cheese and architecture), Waupoos Winery (lakeside restaurant), and the world’s best display of hollyhocks. Afterwards take Bongards Crossroad up to #7 and head to Lake on the Mountain restaurant/patio for a very French countryside experience. Complete your day with live music at the Acoustic Grill in Picton.~ www.theacousticgrill.com

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  • Why promote Longue Dog, a made up name by a large French conglomerate (think Fat Bastard) when they ripped off the Long Dog name? Give the Fhony Frenchies a pass, Billy.

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