LCBO Vintages September 26, 2009

Vintages, Saturday Sept 26

THE LOW DOWN: Three novel Italian whites are the hits of this release. All under $15. In reds, you’ll make a lot of people happy with my Côtes du Rhône or Napa Cab picks. I don’t usually recommend forty-five dollar wines but Foreign Affair Pinot is both novel and wonderfully satisfying if you enjoy traditional style red wine.

ALOIS LAGEDER 08 Pinot Grigio ‘Riff’, Alto Adige, Italy 66415 $13.95
style: nice & easy white
Pinot grigio with zingy, mineral freshess and a little richness. Very pure with an elegant feeling, Classy white for a nice dinner.

pecoroniCANTINA TOLLO 08 Pecorino, Abruzzo, Italy 134510 $14.95
style: nice & easy white
Pecorino is a lesser known Italian grape that produces really good, general purpose white wine. Not too light not too rich ““ more herbal than fruity, and best of all ““ something different.

stocooSTOCCO 08 Friulano, Friuli, Italy 135525 $14.95
style: fresh white
Friulano is a zesty Sauv Blanc-style white produced in Italy’s Friuli region. There’s also some fullness but the overall feeling is high-spirited and refreshing. A lovely pure, spring day experience. Have with appetizers.


TERRES d’AVIGNON 07 Côtes du Rhône ‘Cardinalices’, France 130294 $13.95
style: rich red
Super-rich and yummy ““ with dangerous drinkability. Charming and gentle so it works equally well with white or red meats.

avalonAVALON 06 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California 684399 $22.95
style: rich red
Solid Californian red that’s found a middle ground between heft and drinkabiltiy. Rich, but not overpowering. Steak wine that will let the meat and company shine.

beaverTHE FOREIGN AFFAIR 07 Pinot Noir, VQA Niagara 127332 $44.00
style: rich red
Foreign Affair is a new Niagara winery producing wines by the Appassimento technique (dried grapes as in Amarone) ““ hence the high cost of this wine. I’m recommending the Pinot because it delivers the goods ““ a really interesting red with some of the richness of Amarone and a lot of the earthy quality of Barolo. Feeling and flavours of the fall, the forest, the farm…all things woodsy. Quite refreshing and very together without trying too hard. Could be called the anti-wine in this era where smoothness rules. Have with simply roasted red meats or game ““ don’t forget to try and create your own farmhouse feeling.

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