LCBO Vintages Saturday September 4

THE LOW DOWN: For many, this will be the first opportunity to experience a really good wine from Prince Edward County. Malivoire Sauvignon is another excellent local white, and I’m delighted to have my first ever recommendation of a Hungarian red.

Rhone Reds are the feature and you should be stocking up on these for winter warmth ““ this year and next. Cotes du Rhone, and its Villages, are France’s contribution to rich red at working peoples prices. The spicy/peppery nature gives the wine vitality so it does not tire with richness. They feel drier and more refreshing than rich reds from the New World. Flavours are complex and characterful as most wines are a blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes (sometimes more), from old vines, grown in old soils under lots of warm sun. Get some Rhone and be happy.


wine style: fresh white
MALIVOIRE 09 Sauvignon Blanc ‘Guilty Men’, VQA Niagara 186254 $19.95
Bright and breezy Sauvignon ““ wonderfully refreshing without being too loud. Late summer patio lunch as aperitif. A bit pricey but always great to see quality locals.

huffwine style: rich white
HUFF ESTATES 07 Chardonnay ‘South Bay’, VQA Prince Edward County 88955 $29.95
Characterful Chardonnay ““ lots of intensity and flavour ““ without feeling too heavy or rich. The Burgundian style ““ experiencing the voice of the soil. Something deeper and more exciting than~  fruitiness. Enjoy with a fall supper of roast chicken. Drink NOW. This is not a keeper.
P.S. This wine has won just about every Canadian white wine award this year. And impressed the prestigious British wine experts at a big London event. It’s a ‘hot item’ and this is your only chance to buy, as it’s sold out at the winery. On a less complimentary note, I suggest you skip the cheaper Huff Chard in this release.


wine style: rustic red
TAKLER PINCE 08 Kekfrankos, Szekszard, Hungary 180141 $12.95
Fall is coming ““ time to start thinking about rustic reds. This has some richness but the appeal is in it’s uniqueness ““ an easy to like stranger. Cook a hearty meal and let it comfort and intrigue you.

terrabarosawine style: rich red
THORN-CLARKE 08 Shiraz ‘Terra Barossa’, Australia 595306 $15.95
Monster wine. Shades of Port. Could get you through a nasty winter night.

promenadewine style: rich red
PROMENADE DES PRINCES 07 Plan de Dieu, Cotes du Rhone, France 175745 $12.95
Great combination of flavours, richness and earthiness. Mature lushness but still vibrant. What a deal for winter drinking.

amoirieswine style: rich red
RESERVE DES ARMOIRIES 07 Cotes du Rhone, France 175653 $12.95
Peppery, lush with a warm fireside feeling. A slight sweetness adds to the yumminess. Another great value.

mauricewine style: rich red
CHATEAU SAINT MAURICE 07 Laudun, Cotes du Rhone-Villages, France 177576 $14.95
A whopper. The heft and warmth of an Amarone. Sip this after dinner.

carainewine style: rich red
PERRIN & FILS 07 Cairanne, Cotes du Rhone-Villages, France 650960 $17.95
Richness, spicy/peppery flavours along with quite the refreshing edge. Warmhearted meets rustic. My kind of wine.

giogondaswine style: rich red
VIGNERONS de GIGONDAS 07 ‘La Font Des Grieres’, Rhone, France 175729 $21.95
Huge richness and weighing in at 15% alcohol. A shade more concentrated and serious than the precious wines. Best aged a year or two.

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