LCBO Vintages Saturday May 15

THE LOW DOWN: Jazz up your white wine repetoire with Soave, Viognier, Torrontes, Macon and an Aussie Pinot Grigio. Locals are the stars in the Rosé feature. (Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste the MALIVOIRE 09 ‘Ladybug Rosé’, VQA Niagara 559088 $15.95. I’ll report on it later) I only found three reds to recommend ““ a pair of big heftys and the charming Cono Sur Pinot Noir. The French drink a lot of Ruby Port and the delicious Delaforce offering may temp us to take up the habit. Whiskey lovers should not miss the great value Inishowen.

wine style: Dry Rosé
SOUTHBROOK 09 Cabernet Rosé, VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake 168492 $18.95
Rosé in the Provence style ““ and colour. Refreshing but also substantial enough for food. Charcuterie, paella, Indian food.

featherstoneRosewine style: Off-dry Ro
FEATHERSTONE ESTATE 09 Rosé, VQA Niagara 117861 $14.95
Delicious, off-dry, fruity Rosé for summer sipping. Such as lunches, family gatherings and patio parties.

wine style: Fresh white
CASA CAMBRAGO 08 Soave ‘Vigne Maiores’, Veneto, Italy 161679 $13.95
Soave makes a comeback! Interesting, savoury flavours and lots of refreshment. Summer aperitif, and a super partner for seafood. Give ‘nice’ a rest and excite your palate with this.

pouillywine style: Fresh white
DOMAINE ROMANIN 08 Macon-Solutré-Pouilly, Burgundy 160218 $17.95
Macon is the original non-oaked Chardonnay ““ refreshment with savoury/earthy flavours. Jolting, refreshing, and good pucker fuel for the palate. Wonderful aperitif, or seafood partner.
roboatleywine style: Nice & easy white
ROBERT OATLEY 08 Pinot Grigio, South Australia 159806 $17.95
Not your typical Aussie ““ this is pure and refreshing. Medium-bodied and the perfect all-evening white.

wine style: Rich white
BISQUERTT 08 Viognier “˜La Joya’, Chile 168542 $13.95
Care to try the prettiest white wine in the world! Caresses and charmes. Delicate and delicious. Sip your cares away.

altavistawine style: Nice & easy white
ALTA VISTA 08 Torrontés, Argentina 37127 $13.95
Here’s another pretty one. Torrontes is Argentina’s edition of Gewurztraminer ““ spicy, exotic flavours. And great drinkability.

wine style: Rich red
BOTALCURA 07 Reserve Syrah/Malbec, Chile 18630 $13.95
Solid, dense, he-man stuff. Yummy too. Sure to impress. And great value.

conoVwine style: Rich red
CONO SUR 08 Pinot Noir ‘Vision’, Chile 689992 $15.95
One hell of a delicious drink. Combines traditional Pinot woodsy character with modern bright flavours. Spicy and seductive. One of the best under twenty dollar Pinots in the world.

mangawine style: Rich red
MANGA del BRUJO 07, Calatayud, Spain 15073 $15.95
Big impact red. Earthy, mysterious flavours add interest to the richness. Shades of Rhone with more heft. Should be wonderfully satisfying for at least three years.

delaforceSWEET WINE
Wine style: Port
DELAFORCE Fine Ruby Port, Douro, Portugal 164608 $12.95
Lovely, lovely Port at an everyday price. Nitecap with a chunk of chocolate!

INISHOWEN Irish Whiskey, Cooley Distillery 656017 $37.95
Some peat but a lot of other stuff too. Earthy, spirited and exciting for the price. Aperitif whiskey perhaps!

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