LCBO Vintages Saturday Jan 23

THE LOW DOWN: Six picks ranging in price from $15 to $25. Blockbuster, crowd-pleasing Argentinan wines are the feature but they are outdone by my Cotes du Rhone pick. France also scores with a Sauv Blanc. Malivoire Gamay and Southbrook Chard are outstanding locals.

wine style: fresh white
LA CHABLISIENNE 08 Sauvignon, Saint-Bris, France 641753 $14.95
Seriously dry and sharp Sauvignon. Edgy and super-refreshing ““ but needs a hot summer day.

southbrookwine style: rich white
SOUTHBROOK 07 Chardonnay ‘Triomphe’, VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake 117572 $21.95
Solid, manly Chard in the Burgundian style. Deep, earthy flavours, rich and very luxurious. Needs a special event and well seasoned food. Or just sip and enjoy. A wonderful wine experience at a reasonable price. Could be aged a year or three.

alamoswine style: nice & easy white
ALAMOS~  08 Torrontes, Argentina 81539 $13.95
Torrentes is South America’s Muscat or Gewuztraminer. Exotic and spicy with a suggestion of sweetness. Fun stuff to sip between meals and at parties. And a really good partner for Sunday eggs.

wine style: lively red
MALIVOIRE 08 Gamay VQA Niagara 591313 $17.95
A lively, fruity, earthy edition of the Beaujolais grape. Very refreshing, very gulpable and a wonderful local expression. A bit expensive but you’ll feel awfully good drinking this on a picnic this summer.

selwine style: rich red
CLOS de LOS SIETE 07, Mendoza, Argentina 622571 $23.95
Argentinean edition of Bordeaux. Solid, manly red for beef or lamb. Best partnered with a formal mood.

crozauwine style: super-rich red
LA RÉSERVE du CROUZAU ST. GERVAIS 07 Cotes du Rhône-Villages, France 142943 $14.95
A blockbuster for sure. Super-rich red for fireside sipping. If you like Amarone try this ““ at a quarter of the price.

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  • I think that it’s fantastic that Malivoire is finally trickling into the LCBO!

    When I visited their winery last fall, our host jokingly remarked that after years of doing their own thing and not pandering to public taste, the vintners at Malivoire finally sold their souls and created a couple of blends to appeal to the masses.

    Nice to see a lighter gamay appear in Vintages too. Hope that it’s a huge succes for them so that more Malivoire ladybugs appear on the shelves!

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