LCBO Vintages Saturday February 6

THE LOW DOWN: A very traditional Côtes du Rhône is my highlight of this release. Bistro at its best. Earthy but also rich is the Priorat from the North of Spain. Characterful stuff. For an interesting white wine experience check out Greco di Tufo from the south of Italy. This ancient Greek grape variety can hold its own with the worlds best whites. Speaking of best, Concha y Toro ‘Trio’ is a world campion value in rich whites. Finally, think about a spring picnic and grab a few Bordolino Chiaretto.

P.S. High scoring wines are the feature. While some are impressed with impact and richness, I found that most of the wines were overworked and the experience overwhelming. Port-like richness is not something I welcome in supper-table wines. Or party drinks. For an example of contrived, try Chimeres, Cotes du Roussillon-Villages (119354 $19.95) on page 11 in the catalogue. The taste description is a classic piece of wine gobbledegook.

wine style: fresh white
ANGELS GATE 08 Riesling, VQA Beamsville Bench 160523 $13.95
The super refreshing character of Dry Riesling. Tart, clean as a whistle and worth stocking for summer events. I like the pure, fresh flavours and reasonable prices of Angels Gate wines.

greccowine style: fresh white
TERREDORA di PAOLO 08 Greco di Tufo, Campania, Italy 983197 $19.95
Regular readers will be familiar with my fondness for indigenous Italian whites. Wines with so much character they never need oak ageing. Flavours are more eathy than fruity and there’s a refreshing mineral tang. Great partner for the world of seafood. On the patio overlooking a lake always works for me. Could be aged a few years.

triowine style: rich white
CONCHA y TORO 08 Reserva Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio/Pinot Blanc ‘Trio, Chile 433938 $12.95
The richness of New World Chardonnay with side notes from the other grapes. Glamour meets street smarts. Lemony freshness too. Wonderful stuff for the price.

wine style: dry rose
ZENATO 08 Bardolino Chiaretto, Italy 45203 $11.95
OK, it’s only February, but why not get started on your summer stash with this classic bistro Rosé? Tasty, refreshing and fun. Or you could have it with a Indian curry tonight. Rosé is an all season wine.

cotesrhoneDelaswine style: rich/rustic red
DELAS 07 Côtes du Rhône ‘Saint Esprit’, France 729962 $14.95
Unusually earthy, rustic edition of Côtes du Rhône due to the high Syrah content. Classic bistro red ““ invigorating, refreshing and a great partner for all the meat dishes. I love the traditional style int his wine ““ the ‘non smooth’

gwine style: rich red
BUIL & GINÉ 06 Priorat, Spain 67843 $17.95
Starts out lively, fruity and tart ““ shades of the Rhône (same grapes) but on the second glass there’s wonderful down ‘n dirty flavours that are the hallmark of the old vine wines from the Priorat region. Lots of character.

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  • Port-like richness is not something I welcome in supper-table wines.

    ..and they do nothing for the food it accompanies…might as well have a flat Coke.
    For me it’s been along time coming, being seduced by heavy Oz shiraz et al for years.
    I cancelled Parker subscription and now enjoy Henry of Pelham baco noir 2007 with dinner fairly regularly

  • Absolutely, Pat!
    Henry’s baco has been a regular guest at my table ever since Billy introduced me to him two years ago. He’s equally good company lakeside around a bonfire.
    If you could bottle the music of Blue Rodeo, it would taste like baco noir.

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