LCBO Vintages Saturday April 17

LCBO Vintages Saturday April 17th Release

THE LOW DOWN: A few years ago I met the folks from Monte Del Ffra winery in Italy’s Veneto region and fell in love with their wines. Imagine my delight to see their Custoza, Bardolino and Valpolicello in this release. An opportunity to experience modern German Riesling and yet another fab Cotes du Rhone are a few more highlights.

483wine style: fresh white

ST. ANTHONY 08 Riesling ‘483’, Rheinhessen, Germany 160622 $16.95
Crisp, starched shirt feeling. Seriously dry and palate teasing with the hidden flavours that make Riesling so interesting. Excellent aperitif or appetizer wine. For those who are not afraid of a challenge on the first few sips, and who are looking for an alternative to~  N.Z. Sauvignon.

tudernumwine style: fresh white
CANTINA TUDERNUM 08 Grechetto di Todi, Umbria, Italy 160275 $14.95
The Grechetto grape produces wines that combine mineral freshness with mild flavour and flesh. Shades of an upscale Pinot Grigio ““ and a white wine that keeps your interest through the entire bottle.
torreswine style: nice & easy white
MIGUEL TORRES 08 ‘Nerola’, Spain 680678 $16.95
Spain’s best known winery is going the organic route. This is a delicious fruity, spicy sipper. Yummy and charming. Shades of white wine with a dollop of Gewurztraminer. Brunch or the patio, or an Asian stir fry.

cadelmagro_montewine style: nice & easy white
MONTE del FRA 08 Custoza ‘Ca Del Magro’, Veneto, Italy 165670 $14.95
Welcome to a new level of niceness. This is the ‘cloud nine’ experience ““ freshness, a little spicy buzz in the flavour and drop-dead prettiness. Chill, open and they will come. Best ‘nice’ wine I’ve tasted in a long time.

rosewine style: nice & easy rosé
CANTINA di NEGRAR 09 ‘Via Rosé’, Veneto, Italy 165407 $10.95
The café wine comes to us. A perfect blend of fruitiness, freshness and fun. Simple, but honest and awfully good at hitting the spot in the Rosé season. Keep an open bottle in the fridge.
pepwine style: lively red
JOSEF CHROMY 09 Pinot Noir ‘Pepik’, Tasmania 162990 $21.95
Here’s a light, fruity, Beaujolais-style Pinot from one of the pioneers of Tasmanian winemaking. Read more about him in the catalog. Refreshing and charming ““ perfect for summer gulping. Lightly chill. Handy screw cap.
bardolinowine style: lively red
MONTE DEL FRA~  08 Bardolino, Veneto, Italy 134544 $12.95
A tomato sauce seafood pasta lunch with chilled Bardolino on the shores of Lake Gorda is one of my favourite wine/food/place memories. A simple-but-great experiences. Check it out with this Bardolino ““ lighthearted, exuberant and joyful. Make it your summer red.
valLenawine style: lively red
MONTE DEL FRA 08 Valpolicella ‘Lena di Mezzo’, Vento, Italy 160226 $13.95
You’ll not meet a better example of Valpolicella. Juicy, furity flavours combined with high energy. A wow for the senses. Very invigorating and an invitation to get pasta on the table ““ and pour more wine.
brouillywine style: rustic red
CAVE de VIGNERONS de BEL-AIR 08 Brouilly, Beaujolais 159749 $17.95
Beaujolais usually falls into my Lively Red category, but this guy has an earthy feeling to partner the vibrant side. Nourishing and fun. The perfect summer partner for BBQ’d white meats.
closBoiswine style: rustic red
CLOS du BOIS 07 Pinot Noir, California 161273 $18.95Wow! An earthy, gutsy Pinot at a reasonable price. Drier and more real than most Californian Pinot. And the refreshing style will be ideal for summer meals. Clos du Bois is one of the few Californian wineries offering quality and value.
sabletwine style: rich red
CAVE de VIGNERONS a SABLET 07 Cotes du Rhone-Villages, France 78790 $15.00
Lush, red with delicious peppery flavours. And the heartwarming south of France feeling. Live it up for fifteen bucks.
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