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I’m doing my best to keep you posted with good stuff from Vintages. Since moving to the country it’s more difficult to attend all the tasting but I hope to find ways to keep bringing you the most interesting offerings. Such as these.


DUCA di CASTELMONTE 10 Inzola, Sicily 249573 $14.95
Steely dry, low flavoured, with the classy feeling of a fancy French wine such as Chablis. Really works your taste buds and appetite so think aperitif and seafood appetizer. Best on a hot summer evening. Inzola is a native Sicilian grape.

P.S. Italy is the current champion of alternative dry white wines. The place to turn to when you’re tired of Chard, Sauv, etc.
MURPHY-GOODE 09 Sauvignon Blanc “˜The Fumé’, California
721092 $18.95
Speaking of alternative whites, here’s a novel Sauvignon from California. Mildly herbaceous but mainly it’s a hard to describe fresh ‘n tasty wine. I brought a bottle to a party and couldn’t stop drinking it. Wonderful combination of yummy and elegance. Which totally suited the party. Maybe it will be perfect for yours too.

BAVA 10 Moscato d’Asti, Piedmont, Italy 712547 $14.95
Super-light, low alcohol, semi sweet wine with delicious exotic flavours. One of those novel whites to have open in the fridge for “˜whenever’. Such as Sunday morning, or to get you through an hour with a boring neighbour or inlaw.

P.S. Excited about our BILLY TOUR to visit my buddy Roberto BAVA in October! Read about our tour HERE!

HUNTER’S 09 Pinot Noir, Marlborough, New Zealand 586115~  $21.95
This is really solid, good, twenty-dollar Pinot. You get a combination of bright New World-style flavours and the drier, earthy feeling of the original from France. Sensual and appetizing. Wow! The perfect wine partner for just about all foods not in the steak camp. And romantic moments.

COYOTE’S RUN 09 Pinot Noir, VQA Niagara 53090 $19.95
Pinot fans won’t go wild over this but it delivers a decent performance for the price. Freshness, flavour, charm and that uniquely Pinot personality. Shows best with a light chilling and the mood for a light red. Perhaps with a simple take-out BBQ chicken.

McMANIS 10 Zinfandel, California 256735 $18.95
I like how this Zin combines blockbuster with some playfulness. And delicious bright berry flavours. And a Latino spirit. While you could have it with steak, I think it’s more in the ribs or burger family. More lighthearted. You gotta have a few Zin evenings ““ with or without food, to get through the winter.


P.S. I’ll be offering my picks from the Jan 21 release next week. Don’t worry, the wines will still be available.

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