International Fluevog Day

fluevogday_home_top_rtNext to wine and hockey players Canada’a other great contribution to the world is John Fluevog shoes. Kato and I both own a pair, and they make me feel like a million bucks.

I also love John’s funky shoe styling and entertaining newsletter. “Fluevog Day will once again be a deeply soulful occasion that celebrates and combines all things good (you know what they are). It will be a day when you give and get an extra hug, eat a bagel, take pictures for no reason, have a tasty warm beverage, plan a trip, and try to smile at a thousand people. Yes, another year has passed, but with the help of our friends it will be the best Fluevog Day yet!

In the May 11th entry of his 1502 logs, Derek Columbus (Christopher’s brother) entered “Here we go again… I bet this is his final voyage. (I can’t believe it’s almost Fluevog Day.)” On May 15th, 1796, Napolean (Little Napo to close friends) was triumphant in Milan, wearing his custom Angel Boots and declaring “The irony of this occurring on Fluevog Day has not escaped me” while releasing a faint, uncharacteristic smile.”

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