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Regular readers will know that I consider Valpolicella to be one of the great drinking wines of the world. It refreshes, it fits with almost any situation, and it’s reasonably priced. A no-brainer for sure. The LCBO has also been touting Valpolicella in recent Vintages promotions so who knows, it may become trendy! Which would be great ““ getting some people off the “˜smooth/rich/sweet’ thing.

While the regular Valpols at the LCBO offer wonderful summer refreshment, they can be a shade too light/tart for some who some who don’t get it. Producers are trying to overcome this obstacle by crafting wines that come close to the Pinot Noir model. Still light/fresh but with a little more flesh and friendly flavours. Turning up the charm and crowd appeal.

The Valpolicella below spans all three of my red wine categories. It’s bright, lively with just a trace of something rustic and rich. Italian gusto and nourishment. Hard to think of a food or time that would not be improved with a bottle of Brigaldara. Get your stash for summer.

BRIGALDARA 10 Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy 917864 Vintages $14.95

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  • I’m with you on this — there was a release of Brigaldara about 5 years that might have been the best Valpol I have tasted. Fortunately the Control Board seems to be dialing back on the huge number of Ripasso’s they were pushing — not bad wines but to me, nowhere wines.

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