The two wines below have served me well for decades. Delivering traditional red wine character, value for money, and the good-chum quality that I like to have around over the Holidays.

Rodet’s Rhone offers a lovely mix of fruity/savoury flavours and nourishment. Semi-rich, with the life-is-good feeling. Lovely, lovely stuff expressing the social nature of wine, and Cotes du Rhone ability to be good with any food. I’ve been recommending this wine for ages, and it’s never tasted better.

Dauphins is leaner, with the appetizing bite/tartness that Euros enjoy in their everyday reds. With a light chill, it will hit the spot for parties, or to sip as you prep dinner ““ or chat with friends doing it. Just an amazing wine for the price.~ 

RODET 16 Cotes du Rhone, France 8979 $13.95

CELLIER DES DAUPHINS “˜Carte Noir’, 15 Cotes du Rhone, France 110197 $9.95

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