Holiday Wines ““ Sweet Ones ““ part 2


Forte is a novel Niagara edition of Port. The blend of local Cabernet and Merlot grapes have resulted in a lighter, more herbaceous and refreshing drink than Port. Less after dinner, and more “˜anytime’, even aperitif. Certainly worth exploring. Lightly chill. Southbrook’s Framboise is the ultimate partner for chocolate. Or just pour over your dessert. Chill. Quady’s Orange Muscat is one of the world’s most delicious drinks. Sweet, exotic flavours, but not overdone. The perfect partner for Crème Brule, or fruit flan. And a great value in the sweet wine category. Chill.

Brachetto is an Italian treasure. A lighthearted, fruity, frizzy, low-alcohol wine for life’s little moments of joy. A little sweet, but also refreshing. Perfect for gift unwrapping, friends-drop-in moments, or brunch. Read my previous review of this here.

UNION 07 “˜Forte’, VQA Niagara 361758 Vintages 500ml/$16.95

SOUTHBROOK Framboise, Ontario 341024 375ml/$15.95

QUADY 12 “˜Essensia’ Orange Muscat, California 299552 Vintages 375ml/$14.95

VITICOLTORI ACQUESI N/V Brachetto d’Acqui, Piedmont, Italy 375667 $13.95

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