Holiday Shopping for Reds?

This, and the next few posts, will be shopping lists for the Holidays. Of course! I’m starting with value reds to get you through everything from parties, the Big event and times in between.


Because Portuguese wines are produced with indigenous grape varieties the shopper has no idea of what to expect. Allow me to help ““ by identifying similarities with well known wine styles. Here we go with a little Portuguese Wine 101.

Could be likened to Chianti: Periquita is one of the oldest red wine brands ““ dating from 1850. You gotta love anything that survives that long. A quality, no-nonsense, wine at an affordable price has been Periquita’s success formula. Medium bodied with a combination of fruitiness and earthiness so it could be likened to Chianti, or a Rhone red. Easydrinking meets rustic. Heartwarmimg, nourishing ““ classic bistro red. More for the table than the party.

Could be likened to Ripasso: Esporao’s Alandra is medium-bodied with some of the delicious berry flavours of Italy’s Ripasso, along with the yummy feeling of a Californian Merlot. How great is that for $8.95. Esporao leans towards to a New World style.

Could be likened to Pinot Noir: Dao reds will appeal to fans of berry flavours, along with a refreshing tartness. As found in Pinot Noir. But Dao comes at a much more appealing price. I love the frank, everyday expression in Grao Vasco ““ takes you back to all the best café times you’ve had in Europe. When the wine cheered-along the moment and the food. Wine without ego. Lightly chill. Would be perfect with the big bird. Or to partner any white meats, or tomato pizza/pasta.

JOSE MARIA DA FONSECA 13 Periquita Red, Setubal, Portugal 25262 $8.95

ESPORAO 14 “˜Alandra’, Portugal 89961 $7.80

SOGRAPE 12 Dao “˜Grao Vasco’, Portugal 14977 $8.25


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