Having a Pinot Grigio Week

Serious wine folks tend to look down on Pinot Grigio but let me tell you it should occupy some space in your fridge. Not only because it’s easy drinking, but for its ability to partner so many foods and moods. Last week we had a lot of white meat dishes ““ some spicy, some with salsa, all needing a simple white wine with just a touch of sweetness. Wine to keep the palate refreshed without competing with the food ““ Pinot Grigio worked perfectly. Think of it as the ‘mayo of wine’ ““
improves everything, likes everything.

Spinelli is the value champ and Graffinga borders on elegant. These are both picks from Billy’s Best Bottles Wines for 2012 ““ Book and App. For a richer, super crowd-pleasing experience you can’t beat Montevina. Hard to go wrong with Grigio as long as you avoid the Italians in “eye catching” bottles.

SPINELLI 10 Pinot Grigio, Abruzzi, Italy 113886 $ 8.95
GRAFFINGA 11 Pinot Grigio, Mendoza, Argentina 164756 $12.95
TRINCHERO “˜Montevina’ 10 Pinot Grigio, California 237750 $14.95

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