Have a Wine Tasting Party!

Want to conduct your own Wine by Mood tasting? Here’s a little shopping list that won’t fail you ““ covering all styles.

I poured these last weekend at the Gourmet Wine & Food Expo and they were all a hit ““ because I framed them in their proper context. Start with the bubbly, then if you can pour all 3 whites, then all 3 reds to experience their contrast. Have fun! Read about WINE BY MOOD here!


THE WARM UP ACT!~  Sparkling, of course!

CONO SUR Sparkling Brut Rose, Chile 365205 $13.90 (FRESH STYLE)


CAVE SPRING CELLARS 12 Dry Riesling,~  Niagara 233635, $14.95 ($13.95 on sale!) (FRESH STYLE..refresher, starter)

GRAFFIGNA 13 Pinot Grigio “˜Centenario’, Argentina 164756 $13.45 (NICE & EASY STYLE….social, friendly)

J. LOHR 12 Chardonnay “˜Riverstone’, California 258699 $18.95 (RICH STYLE…comfort, feeling special)


GEORGES DUBOEUF 12 Beaujolais-Villages, France 122077 $13.95 (FRESH STYLE…lighthearted)

ROCCA della MACIE Chianti Reserva, Italy 111641 $15.95 (RUSTIC STYLE…where’s the pasta?)

FIRESTONE 12 Cabernet Sauvignon, California 292128 $19.90 ($16.90 on sale!) (RICH STYLE…steak wine, comfort)


END SWEET.~  Serve cold.

FONSECA White Port, Portugal 276816 $15.95



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