Looking for a cannot-fail, mid-weight red that will turn any meal into a French Bistro experience? The Minervois and Corbieres regions in the south of France turns out this style with the greatest of ease ““ and at reasonable prices.

Gourgazaud delivers flavour with a mix of fruit, herbs and earth, along with a refreshing tang. The perfect formula for the bistro feeling.
CHATEAU de GOURGAZAUD 14 Minervois, France 22384 $13.50

Chateau de Vaugelas feels like a plummy Merlot with an earthy edge. Smooth meets back-street. You cannot fail poring this with almost any food, or situation. Vaugelas is an LCBO sleeper.
CHATEAU de VAUGELAS 15 Corbieres, France 361691 $13.95

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  • Tried the Chateau de Vaugelas as an an alternative to the Chateau de Gourgazaud,
    which is familiar to me and a longtime favourite. Surprised at just how different they are!
    The former is characterized by the taste of fruit; cherry in particular. The latter to me has
    less fruit but more of a rustic, earthy character. Choose accordingly!
    Both are great values.

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