For the Love of California

Like most people I find Californian wine to be expensive, but it can be very seductive. Good producers combine easy-drinking with a depth of character that’s hard nor to admire. Here’s a Vintages pair that I recently took pleasure in. Forgive the expression, it’s my Catholic upbringing.

EstanciaPINOT GRIGIO GOES UPSCALE: Part of the Grigio’s success is due to its simplicity and conservative nature, but I see potential for expanding the fan base by upping the quality. By filling out the wine so it feels generous as well as “˜nice’. Refreshing and fun to slurp, but also substantial enough for a chicken, or creamy pasta dinner. Naturally these “˜generous’ PG will cost more, and will come mainly from warm climates. Such as this Californian offering from Estancia. See what you think.

ESTANCIA 14 Pinot Grigio, California 418285 Vintages $16.95

LaCremaJUST IN CASE YOU NEED A SUPER SEXY PINOT: From California, of course. Spicy, silky, with delicate smooth/sweet kisses. Ten out of ten in the charm department. I seldom pay this price for a wine for home drinking, but I regularly pay more for plonk at restaurants ““ so, I might reconsider. Roast an herbed stuffed pork loin, add an app and dessert, and have a fab meal for under $50. Cannot complain about that.

FYI: This Pinot was made by Niagara born and trained winemaker Elizabeth Grant-Douglas.

LA CREMA 13 Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, California 719435 Vintages $31.95

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