There has been no shortage of wines sold under the “˜good guy’ label such as organic or family farmers, and who doesn’t want to hear those stories. The latest entry in this category has me more excited than usual, no change that to delighted. I’m loving the wine because it delivers something a little different, or in the case of California, something quite different. A bone-dry wine without a trace of Californian “˜niceness.’ Instead it has the savoury, herbaceous, refreshing character of Sauvignon from the Loire in France. Or almost any backroads white you might have been delighted to discover on Euro travels. Here’s how I suggest you experience this wine. Chill, pour and sit the bottle in front of you. Take-in the simple drawing on the label, along with the earthy green and cream colours of the label ““ taste, and note how the wine echos the look and feel of the package. Brilliant.

The MOOD for this wine: The need for refreshment, aperitif, or partner for seafood appetizers. Patio lunches down the road.

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FARMHOUSE 18 White, California 15752 $16.95 $16.95 ($14.95 until February 28)

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