A lot of people went off Chardonnay in the past decade, partly because it lost its identity due to too many producers making too many styles, and at confusing prices. Chardonnay also became too successful and too common for its own good. Common unites beer drinkers, but not the wine world. However, Chardonnay is now born again, having a new life ““ and one worth exploring. This new crop of Chardonnays is close to the more moderate, old European style of wines. Less showy, less intense, and more graceful. Producers have heard from buyers and their answering the call for less ““ flavour and alcohol. Only this week, Scott, my local LCBO Product Consultant, was telling me that many of his customers are asking for “˜lighter’ wines. Not only in Chard, but in all wines.

This wine from Chile has that graceful touch just mentioned. Along with a moderate amount of flavour and alcohol ““ but still it manages to be absolutely delightful. Not layered with make-up ““ but naturally pretty. A joy to sip, and sure to bring on a good feeling. Without, or with mild-flavour food.

IN SITU 19 Chardonnay Reserva, Chile 10765 Vintages $14.95

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