Expensive Pair, But Worth It

$$ but worth it

I seldom recommend wines that I think are overpriced, but sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for appropriateness. And novelty. Such as the newly arrived pair of wines from the Sokol Blosser winery in Oregon. Both have fantasy names, cool-looking labels and are highly suggestive of fun times – romantic or otherwise. And best of all they deliver on their promise. Which is more than can be said for some Valentine treats.

The white is a multi grape blend that comes across as a non-oaked Chard wearing the perfume of Gewurztraminer. Soft and playful with the innocent charm of Nora Jones voice. Sip and relax. At first I thought it was too nice, but it kept bringing me back for more. So I surrendered – and loved it.

Meditrina is also a multi grape blend that feel a lot like Pinot Noir. Lots of play and charm. Shades of a Californian Zin that got hooked up with a fun/fresh Valpolicella. Dangerously gulpable and seductive. Living up to its name – Meditrina was the Roman goddess of wine.

Both wines are more suggestive of fun than food. But you’ll find they partner well with whatever you’re eating – when the mood is lighthearted.

Maybe these wines are not overpriced. You just need to bring imagination into the picture.

SOKOL BLOSSER 09 ‘Evolution No#9’, United States 206870 $19.95
SOKOL BLOSSER 09 ‘Meditrina’ , United States 206888 $19.95

(Both are ‘regular’ LCBO products, not Vintages)

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