Easy Drinking Local Whites

Ontario is developing it’s own style of white wine and people are liking it.

And why wouldn’t they?~  When you combine the zest of dry Riesling with the body of Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, and season the blend with the exotic perfume of Gewurztraminer ““ you have something with a lot of appeal. And great drinkability. These blended wines started appearing a few years ago and now almost all wineries are getting in the game.

Blended wines used to frowned upon, or misunderstood, but it’s the right formula for our cool climate where different grape varieties perform differently each year. Blending allows to winemaker to produce a more consistent product, and to maintain a reasonable price. Check out the following at your local LCBO.

HENRY OF PELHAM 10 “˜Sibling Rivalry’ White VQA Niagara 126144 $13.95
. . . off dry but refreshingly tart. Patio sipper.

HENRY OF PELHAM 10 “˜School House’ Riesling/Pinot Grigio, VQA Niagara 219022 $12.95
. . . Riesling zest and the good drinkability of PG. Really good edition of basic ““ a Honda wine.

RIDGEPOINT 09 “˜Monticello Bianco’ VQA Niagara 218651 $13.95
. . . herbaceous, spicy, and refreshing. Another summer sipper

HILLEBRAND 09 “˜Crush White’, VQA Niagara 234310 $12.75
. . . Pinot Grigio with a beach town flavour. The perfect partner for any lighthearted event.

CHATEAU DES CHARMES 09 “˜Generation Seven White’, VQA Niagara 197988 $13.95
. . . refreshing with a little spicy sweetness. A fun summer day feeling. Good party choice.

KACABA 09 “˜Gypsy’ White, VQA Niagara 215053 $10.95
. . . off-dry with lots of spicy perfume. Would be popular and you have to like the price.

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