Damn Good Local Chards

CharmesChardEvery day people tell me that they’ve stopped drinking Chardonnay. “Too rich, too oaky, too whatever.” Chardonnay has become the unfashionable white wine. Well, I don’t mind being out of fashion because I thoroughly enjoy glasses of some of Niagara’s finest. Try these and I bet you’ll NOT be doing the non-Chardonnay thing.

Chateau des Charmes 07 Chardonnay is a lovely mix of charm (honest) and refreshment. No heavy perfume, tiring richness or posing. Instead expect a composed and polite wine. Canadian excellence.

There’s some richness in Henry’s wine but it’s also understated. Shades of the delicious everyday Chardonnays of the Macon region in France. A delightful anytime drink.

CHATEAU des CHARMES 07 Chardonnay “˜Estate’, VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake 81653 $13.95 (shown)

HENRY of PELHAM 07 Chardonnay “˜Reserve’, VQA Niagara 252833 $14.95

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