Creekside’s Pandemic 6-pack!

The Pandemic survival kit featuring 6 Niagara wines, each highlighting an aspect of pandemic life!~  $125
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CREEKSIDE 20 Rosé “˜Spousal Tolerance Enhancement Beverage’ VQA Niagara
. . . delicious fruitiness and feelings of Provence. Sure to bring about Spousal Enhancement. Or any enchantment. Top notch Rosé for your best Summer events.

CREEKSIDE 20 Razzle Dazzle Riesling “˜Vaccination Celebration Libation’ VQA Niagara
. . . slightly fizzy, lighthearted and fun. An off-dry, low-alcohol Riesling that should be poured at every vaccination centre. And every time you need a thirstquencher. A must for the cottage fridge.

CREEKSIDE 19 Pinot Gris “˜Every day is ground hog day is every day’ VQA Niagara
. . . on the lean “˜n brisk side. A thirst quencher. Wait for a really warm days, or work-up a thirst digging in the garden.

CREEKSIDE 19 Sauvignon Blanc “˜Laggy WiFi Patience Enhanger’ VQA Niagara
. . . good hit of Savvy herbaceousness along with zingy energy. Refreshment plus here ““ such as ~ a nibble on sushi, or fresh asparagus, or a slather of goats cheese on a crunchy baguette. Alfresco on a sunny day of course. Creekside has always been good with Sauvignon.

CREEKSIDE 19 Syrah “˜Fuzzy Face & Furry legs Acceptance Tonic’ VQA Niagara
. . . ah, the white pepper trademark of Syrah! Setting up the palate for a juicy steak sandwich. Or just about anything off the BBQ. Sure to please, providing you lightly chill the wine, and are not expecting a boring, nice, rich red. Creekside doesn’t do niceness.

CREEKSIDE 19 Cabernet/Merlot “˜Remote Schooling Sauce’ VQA Niagara
. . . brisk, tangy wine for rustic meals and people. Niagara does Italy as in putting gusto and refreshment ahead of smoothness. More burger than steak. Pizza for sure. Lightly chill.

The whites are lighthearted and therefore don’t expect them to be satisfying over an entire evening. Pair the Rosé and Reds with everyday foods and times.
The two Reds: Enjoy these together over a few evenings.
The Rosé: Any sunny day. With food or not.
The Riesling: Any sunny day. No food.
The Sauvignon Blanc: Refresher, aperitif, snacks.
The Pinot Gris: Refresher.

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