Cotes du Rhone Never Better


Every time I think I have the Rhone figured out another style comes along. More to enjoy and to increase my love of this region. A recent Rhone fling had me puzzled till I recognised its personality – it tasted and felt like a Pinot from Burgundy. Low-keyed, lightish in colour and full of suggestions. Sleek, charming and very seductive. Boy, was it ever a fast bottle.
I cannot wait to get into more of my stash of DE BORD. Mr Parker’s notes mention some crushed rocks but I prefer the back label’s promise of a ‘smart feeling on the end’. You will feel smart drinking, pouring and for buying this wine. As with most Rhones, I cannot imagine a food or situation it would not improve. BUY THIS.

CHATEAU DE BORD 09 Laudun, Cotes du Rhone-Villages, France 264218 $16.95

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  • “When we drink we begin with Ctes du Rhne” – Julie Andrews (Sound of Music)

    I always rely on you for my CDR recommendations – then I claim them as my own to my friends.

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