Chardonnays”¦still going strong

I know that Chardonnay is out of fashion but there are some great values and great taste experiences out there. More wineries are now crafting in a dry style in contrast with the candy sweet Chards of the past decade. Give Chardonnay a chance.

BANROCK STATION 07 Semillon/Chardonnay, Australia 526988 1500ml/$19.90
The herbaceous, earthy character of Semillon grounds the Chardonnay. Drier than most Aussies and a great buy for parties. Also a candidate for summer house wine.

CAVE SPRING CELLARS 07 Chardonnay Musque, Niagara 246579 $15.75 (Vintages Essentials)
Some Chard richness, some Muscat spiciness, but mainly a ton of jazzy liveliness. One of the most delightful white wine experiences on the planet. To start your day ““ to be happy.

CONCHA y TORO “˜Casillero del Diablo’ 07 Chardonnay, Chile 58420 $10.75
A good combo of richness and vigour. Keeps you energized as well as entertained. Big impact Chard at an everyday price.

WYNDHAM ESTATE 07 Chardonnay “˜Bin 222′, Australia 93401 $12.45
Semi-rich, refreshing and unusually stylish for an Aussie. Confident, together and a joy to drink. Could get you re-hooked on Chardonnay.

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