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GiocaleA lot of folks miss the point of Nouveau wines. They don’t get it. Winemalkers created Nouveau as a way to celebrate the recent harvest with their community. “˜We just made wine, and please join us in celebration.’ The wine poured at these celebrations is “˜a baby’…of course! But that doesn’t matter. To put-down Nouveau is to not recognize celebration.



Here are my picks from this year’s LCBO crop. I realize that selecting the “˜best of Nouveau’ runs contrary to the whole idea of celebrating the harvest ““ but why not enjoy the best creations.

The Abruzzo wine has the great drinkability, while my two French picks are mainly very light refreshers. Cool summer in that country. The usually reliable Negrar has peculiar flavours and the less said about Reif’s “˜Fool’ the better. Don’t forget to chill your wines.

. . . earthy, rustic and very gulpable. Abruzzo always scores. CANTINA TOLLO 14 ‘Giocale’ Novello Rosso, Abruzzo, Italy 271759 $9.45

. . . sharp and super-refreshing. Gets you going. ART’S 14 Beaujolais Nouveau, France 366476 $13.95

. . . tart, invigorating, not for the timid. DUBOEUF 14 Gamay Nouveau, VDP L’Ardeche, France 891846 $9.95

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  • The Gamay Nouveau is the best in years.
    I love the tart, it did invigorate me, and I’m not that timid when it comes to drinking wine.

    I’m a bit of a Nouveau snob – I don’t want it to taste like Cru Beaujolais – I want it to taste like Nouveau and this one really does.

    Also, my Nouveau party is the biggest celebration held in my house each year.

    Travis Oke

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