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TBrickyardawse recently acquired a neighbouring winery (the former Thomas & Vaughan) which they have renamed Redstone Vineyards. When it opens in 2014 it will include a seasonal restaurant (with chef Ryan Crawford!) and an outdoor amphitheatre, and similarly to Tawse, the vineyard will be farmed organically and bio-dynamically. For now, there’s a preview wine on the LCBO shelves ““ an excellent dry Riesling called Brickyards. Tawse, Redstone, Brickyards ““ a bit confusing eh! Sure, but it makes sense once you know the story.

While Niagara has a history of agriculture, many sites are not friendly for the farmer due to an excessive amount of rocks and stones. Implements are frequently damaged and broken, and the term “˜brickyard’ is often used to describe these harsh farming challenges. Postholes for example, can be almost impossible to get into the ground. The decision to plant vines at all can easily be questioned, however, once planted, they thrive. The rocks work to retain heat, and well-drained soils optimize the conditions for the development of flavorful fruit.

Brickyard Riesling is Classic Niagara ““ razor sharp, high energy and just-the-thing-for a hot day. Great oyster or seafood partner too. Only 10% alcohol.

P.S. You’ll find the word “˜brix’ on the screw cap, but that’s another story.

TAWSE “˜Brickyard’ 12 Riesling, VQA Niagara 346866 $13.95

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