Billy’s Online Wine School: Lesson 7

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With the early arrival of Spring (we hope) I though you might be up for exploring purity. At least wines with a pure expression. Examples of purity in everyday life are mineral water, green apples, stainless steel sinks, marble flooring and the little black dress. Experiences that feel “˜refreshing’ in a world full of clutter and decoration. Dry Riesling is the torch carrier for a pure expression in wine. So is Champagne but we’ll leave that one for another day.

Pure wines work best as first-of-the-day drinks and to refresh. And to tease our senses. They are high in energy but low in flavour. You feel invigorated and the absence of flavour leaves the door open for whatever follows. So here’s the drill. Have a glass or two of “˜purist’ wine, recork, refrigerate, and repeat the next evening. Feel the “˜cool touch’ of marble. And feel the need to move on from the purist experience to something nourishing.

WAYNE GRETZKY 08 Riesling, VQA Niagara 144865 $14.95
VINELAND ESTATES 07 Dry Riesling, VQA Niagara 167551 $13.75

P.S. Look for a longer list of local Rieslings in a few weeks. (If you’ve missed other lessons check out the ONLINE WINE SCHOOL in this site ““ see the link on page left)

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  • We’ve been really enjoying the Vineland Estates Riesling the past few nights. After work or before dinner, it’s a nice relaxing sip, and at 9.7% it doesn’t preclude a glass or two of something else with the food. We also like the way it softens but retains its character for a couple days after opening.

  • I couldn’t find these bottles at my local LCBO… but I did get my hands on a Lindemans Pinot Grigio for Lesson No.6. I’ll report back.

  • I picked up the Gretzy Riesling. It is a nice ‘coming home from work’-‘relaxing at the end of the day’ kind of wine. Quite refreshing. Unlike some Rieslings that I have tried in the past, it does not seem tangy (sour?).

    Will very likely buy again in the summer.

  • We have been serving Larch Tree Hill Riesling from Prospect Winery in BC for our Spring wine tasting menu at the Red Brick Café, in Guelph, to rave reviews.
    People like a dry Riesling when introduced to a good one. “Larch Tree Hill” is a cool name but can’t compete with a name like “Wayne Gretzky” – is he a German wine maker or something? The name is very familiar.

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