Billy’s Best Bottles Wine App is Here!!!

Billy’s Best Bottles Wine App is (really!) here!



Canada’s most popular wine-buying guide is ready for download.You can now have Billy’s Best Bottles on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.


2Launch“I’ve kept this app as simple as my books – thirty years of drinking experience scaled down to what is essential. No strange wine lingo, no challenging gourmet food pairings, and no silly scores for the wines. Wine geeks will probably hate it, but if your focus is the drinking experience, my app will get you there quickly with the wine best suited for your situation.”

Long time readers of wine writer Billy Munnelly will be familiar with his unique Mood Category System for buying and selecting wine, which has been incorporated into the app. “It all starts with the situation and mood – tell me the situation, and I’ll tell you which wine. Once you identify the situation, my app will lead you to some appropriate wine choices.”

Billy’s app starts with basic choices between white, red and sweet/bubbly, and then takes you into the friendly Mood Category System which asks questions such as do you want to ‘Be Refreshed with lively white’, ‘Cruise with something Nice & Easy’, ‘Schmooze with a Rich Eed’, or perhaps ‘Go for Gusto with a Rustic Italian.’

From there you go to bottle shots of possible picks. Alternatively, you can explore by themes such as ‘Date the Beaujolais Boys’ or ‘Pinot Pretenders’. Billy offers a short character/personality bio on each wine, “I suggest you read these while drinking as it will help you understand why the wine is ‘delivering’ for your situation.”

“We select most consumer goods based on mood/feeling so it makes sense to take the same approach with wine.” says Irish-born Munnelly. “It simplifies the subject. Feelings are more reliable than rational thought, and they eliminate the need for expertise – which is the big fear in wine. My mood categories not only remove fear and risk, but also allow people to enjoy a range of wine experiences, just as we enjoy a variety of music styles. Think of my app as your personal wine DJ – creating magic moments, effortlessly.”

Most of the app’s recommendations are everyday priced ($8 – $16), as good value is Billy’s trademark. “The quality of everyday wines is at an all-time high and you’d be crazy to spend more.” Billy tasted over 1500 wines to choose his 300+ recommended picks, most of which are easy to find across the country. Canadian wines are identified with a maple leaf or can be accessed using the ‘by country’ sort. Each of Billy’s recommendations comes with a bottle shot (can be enlarged to full screen) and the product code, which is applicable Canada-wide.

Sub-sections of the app include About Billy, The Wine Categories Explained, Wine School (Food & Wine, Buying Wine, Grapes 101), and the not to be missed ‘53 Things They Don’t Teach You in Wine School.’ That nugget of wisdom alone is worth the price of the App.

Billy’s Best Bottles is unique among wine apps in that it does not require an internet connection to use once it is installed. This makes it easy for iPod touch users to drop into a store and quickly make their wine selections.“Mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad are the minds of the future and I want to be on people’s minds, at least for wine buying.”

Billy’s Best Bottles wine app is not only a friendly tool for choosing wine, but also a great read. It’s becoming rare to have a single voice in the information world, and the digital wine world is fortunate to have Billy Munnelly’s Best Bottles 2011 available in the iTunes App store.

The Billy’s Best Bottles app was developed in a partnership with iBAM Inc., a Toronto based app developer focused on collaborating with clients to produce innovative, personalized solutions.



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  • Hi Chris – thanks for the feedback!
    We will consider an Android or Blackberry version based on feedback for the initial version for Apple’s iOS devices.
    Ashley – Product Development Director, iBAMInc.

  • Waiting patiently for the Blackberry App!! Wish you would have started with BB considering it is a Canadian company. I do forgive easily though because I love the blog and the book! Great recommendations, thanks for you real world look at an often intimidating topic.

    • Thanks for writing and reading. I understand your frustration and disappointment. The programming boys are going to respond shortly with all the reasons. But who knows? If we get a great reception for this it will help boost the cause.

  • I love the book, I carry it in my purse. I would love to buy the app but I have a blackberry. I know lots of people, with blackberries, who would love to buy the app too.

    • I know it sucks not to have this for blackberrys (or is it blackberries?).
      Apparently it’s not as easy as it seems because of limited screen size and because there are so many different versions of blackberrys…it would mean the programmers would have to essentially design a different app for each model. That said, you never know what the future will hold. But for now, it’s disappointing we know for many. Thanks for writing.

  • We need this for Blackberry! I can’t wait for it to come out so that I can use it on my Torch!

  • What an app!!!!!!
    3 hours in the LCBO
    So many offers to go home with me!
    What a haul!! 2 carts flowing over!!!
    Thank you so much!!!
    A definite must have.
    Mary Woolf
    Woolfy’s Restaurant

  • What an app!!!!!!
    3 hours in the LCBO
    So many offers to go home with me!
    What a haul!! 2 carts flowing over!!!
    Thank you so much!!!
    A definite must have.
    Mary Woolf
    Woolfys Restaurant

  • Are there plans for a 2012 app? if so, Will owners of the 2011 app have to buy the new one, or will it just be an upgrade?

  • I have ordered the book for the 4th or 5th year in a row. I find that if I wind up in the LCBO without it I am lost, so it will live in the glove compartment of the car, just like its older brothers!

    As long as you keep issuing new versions I’ll be buying them.


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