Better Get the Bubbly

People seem to be scared of buying sparkling wine. More people buy illegal drugs than bubbly. Of course, I don’t have the~  figures to back this up but talking someone into sparkling is as challenging as getting someone to quit smoking.

A winemaker once told me that ‘the moment is never worthy’ and I guess that’s where we make the call. Is the moment worthy? New Years and weddings are for most a worthy occasion, but that’s more custom than choice. And it’s hardly intimate or something of your own doing.

I stated making sparkling a daily ritual when I realized that everyday is worth celebrating (well, almost). It’s a habit thing just like a hobby that puts a shine on your day.

What about the cost, you might ask? A glass of Cava or Prosecco costs only slightly more than still wine and my daily glass is only four ounces ““ that fills my tall, slender tumbler. A bottle or two lasts the week. Don’t forget to have on hand a champagne stopper ““ like a corkscrew this is an essential wine tool.

Bubbly recommendations coming next!

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