Best Nice Whites at the LCBO

Every time I have a bottle of Big House White it brings up the question, is this the “˜nicest’ white wine on earth? I believe it could be.~  But just to be sure I conducted a little tasting with two other wines that might qualify for the nicest award. And here’s how it went.

Big House is a blend of all the world’s perfumey grapes (Muscat family) so it delivered a wow of exotic flavours. Richness and zesty refreshment make for great drinkability as well as the flavour show. It’s impossible not to feel good when drinking this wine. Next up was Fuzion Torrontes/Pinot Grigio which often strikes me as a wonderful crowd-pleaser. Torrontes is a relative of the Muscat grape but this wine is more about refreshment than flavour. It could not be more thirst-quenching. Or better value. A must buy for hot weather.

I often get the wow feeling from hot climate dry Rieslings so that was my third contestant. And once again I was blown away by a Cono Sur wine. Not as showy as the Big House and not as energetic as Fuzion but playing a beautiful, pure spring day feeling. Did they add a squirt of lime? How can a wine feel both dry and sweet? It’s the Riesling trick and Cono Sur’s edition may be the best summer patio wine in the world.

What a delight it was to see all three wines perform brilliantly. However, if I had to pick one it would be the Cono Sur,~  because of how it spoke to the season we’re in.

FUZION 11 “˜Alta’ Torrontes/Pinot Grigio, Mendoza, Argentina 168419 $8.95

BIG HOUSE WHITE 10, California 173286 $12.95

CONO SUR 10 Riesling, Chile 156653 $9.95

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