An Aussie Menage-a-Trois

LongFlatSBI often get asked why I don’t recommend more Aussie wines. “People seem to find their own way into that section” or “people need other wines in their life” are my usual answers. When Aussie winemakers deliver something other than crowd-pleasers I’m delighted to spread the word. Such as the wonderful trio under the Long Flat brand.

A lot of low-priced Aussie wines are crafted in an easy, slightly sweet style to appeal to novice drinkers. Long Flat wines are not.

LONG FLAT 08 Semillon/Sauvignon, Australia 183715 $10.05… a livewire loaded with bracing refreshment. A headbanging rocker for sure. Wine to get things going. Unusual low alcohol for an Aussie. Savoury flavours as opposed to the usual fruity niceness.

LONG FLAT 08 Cabernet/Shiraz, Australia 212373 $10.95 …gutsy, rustic and more refreshing than most Aussie reds. Pizza or pasta wine.

LONG FLAT 08 Shiraz, Australia 536763 $11.95…lush and lovely. Full of spicy sweet flavours. Sure to please the Shiraz fan. Buy for the party, or the BBQ.

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  • The Long Flat Cab Shiraz has been a regular house wine of mine for the past three years. Gusty and rustic enough for a man but she’ll like it too! (that’s my way of saying that its a wine my wife and I can agree on).

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