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It’s always good to have a reference point with wines, and in the case of Pinot Noir it must be Burgundy ““ its home. Unfortunately the Burgundians charge high prices so most people never experience the original, or they have a so-so experience with a budget edition. The good news is LCBO Vintages is currently offering a really good Burgundy experience at a reasonable price.

Champy’s wine has the earthy, “˜farmyard’ quality, along with a light-but-not-light feeling, and appetizing tang ““ ~ ~ that makes Pinot so different from other reds. It’s drier than Pinots from warm climates. Lightly chill and enjoy with light meats or fowl. It’s also a wonderful aperitif to sip as you prepare dinner.

CHAMPY 10 Bourgogne, France 1149 Vintages $23.95

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