A Classic Tale


sancerrechablisWhen I poured a glass of ~ Chablis for a wine savvy friend he remarked, “Is this Sancerre?” To which I replied,”No, but don’t feel bad, because Chablis (a non-oaked Chardonnay) and Sancerre (a Sauvignon) have lots in common.” Such as the same bracing refreshment, the same pure, tart expression, the same “˜cold/steely’ feeling from minerality, the same low flavour. Their appeal lies in their sleekness, the ability to create a “˜smart’ feeling. And the regions ““ in the north of France, are almost neighbours. Both are traditionally drunk with oysters or any seafood appetizers. Add local asparagus if you wish.

A few days after the above experience I attended a Vintages press tasting which just happened to include a classic edition of Chablis and of Sancerre. So I thought, what an education opportunity for people! To taste examples of the original Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. White wines with no oak influences. Two of the few remaining wines that are expressions of a place. Sure, they’re a little pricy, so maybe involve a friend to split the cost. I promise it will be an interesting experience. Enjoyable too, of course.

JEAN-MARC BROCARD 10 Chablis 1er Cru, Mont de Milieu, France 265348 Vintages $27.95

HENRY BOURGEOIS 10 Sancerre, “˜La Chapelle des Augustins’, Loire, France 322628 Vintages $29.95

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