3 Super Whites from the Old World

To have the most fun I suggest you buy, and open all three. Experience three acts instead of just one! Next evening change your drinking sequence ““ and note that you might have a new favourite. Repeat the exercise till all bottles are empty, and start a new set of adventures. The traditional practice of having just one wine open is a sure route to boredom.

In a recent post I offered the Spanish grape, Verdejo as an alternative Chardonnay or Sauvignon. It falls somewhere between both, offering something “˜different’ without being crazy. This one has the exuberance of Sauvignon and is a five-star refresher/aperitif. Delicious summer fruit flavours too. Fun label too. Highly recommended.

BODEGAS LAN 17 Verdejo, “˜Duquesa da Valladolid’, Rueda, Spain 391649 Vintages $13.95

The Loire region in France produces steely dry Sauvignon, while New Zealand and Chile offer tropical flavours to temper the grape’s wild side. Bordeaux usually fills out the wine with other grape varieties, but here’s one flying solo ““ offering an earthy, tradition white wine experience. Not really a party sipper, but an excellent partner for all the white meats. Use lots of herbs to echo that quality in the wine. Love the “˜our home’ story on a back label.

CHATEAU BRIOT 17 White Bordeaux, France 668855 Vintages $14.95



Back in the last century the region of Soave sold its soul to large-scale production of a very ordinary wine. Worked fine till Pinot Grigio became the ordinary wine of choice. But Soave is reinventing itself with a more upscale wine such as this charmer. Teasing delicate flavours and a linen shirt feeling. Love it. For sure an elegant aperitif, or the perfect guest at a fancy Summer patio luncheon. The French would charge a lot more for wine of this quality.

LATIUM MORINI 17 Soave, Veneto, Italy 631697 Vintages $14.95

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