3 Exciting Italian Whites

Vintages is currently offering an opportunity to experience three exciting Italian white wines. You’re sure to fall in love with at least one, if not all three.

Meet Greco di Tufo, Falanghina, and Fiano ““ all grape varieties from the south, in the province of Campania. Higher priced than what I normally recommend, but these wines deliver a specialness, and a welcome uniqueness. For the past decade I’ve been touting Italy as the go-to place for something different in white wine and I’m delighted to see LCBO Vintages getting on board.~ 

. . . super refreshing

Greco di Tufo, is grown in the Pompei region where the soil is known as “˜Tuff’. Hence the name. And the words “˜Terre del Vulcano’ on the label. The wine is light, bright with a super refreshing, citrussy tartness. Wine geeks claim to detect smoke on the finish. Perfect refresher, aperitif or lunch partner.
LAVA 17 Greco di Tufo, Terre del Vulcano, Campania, Italy 631739 Vintages $19.95

~ . . . delightful
Falangnina is a delightful lightish white that feels and smells of a Spring blossoms. An invitation to set a nice luncheon table in the garden and celebrate life. Perhaps with a salad niçoise of new potatoes, heirloom tomatoes and grilled tuna. You’ll love it.
TERRE STREGATE 16, Falanghina, Campania, Italy 486076 Vintages $18.95

~ . . . spicy/exotic
Fiano, an ancient grape, is the richer wine in this trio. With a delicious mouthful of spicy/tropical flavours. Not oak-aged, so there’s lots of zest to keep the show refreshing. A mealtime white ““ don’t hold-back on the spices. For me, the wine suggests a celebration of something or other. Would be a huge crowd-pleaser.
JANARA 17 Fiano, Sannio, Campania, Italy 528786 Vintages $16.95

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