2020 TOURS

“Wise is one who enjoys the show offered by the world. ” Fernando Pessoa


Kato and I cannot begin to express our delight at the great response to our tours. We took a risk avoiding the popular touristy locations in favour of what we find to be interesting and genuine. Our success has fueled our desire to be even more creative in our planning, and little did we know that small group travel would afford us opportunities to create the type of exciting events and special meals we love arranging for friends.

Although we are returning to the same places, rest assured we are not coasting. We “˜up our game’ each year by adding new discoveries, (often three or four) and making tweaks. As we know, it’s the small things that make the day.

Hotel and transportation prices in Europe have gone through the roof, but we believe that our tours still provide excellence at a reasonable price. Frequently we are told that we over-deliver for the price, and this is possible by doing all the organizing ourselves (every detail!) and not incurring the expense of local operators.


“It may be illegal to have so much fun in such a short time.” V. Taylor



FRANCE, Languedoc
May 28 to June 4, 2020
More info here.

IRELAND: Pints & Hikes
June 6 to 18, 2020
More info here.

PORTUGAL: Lisbon, Douro Valley, Porto
September 26 to October 7, 2020
More info here.

ITALY, Piedmont
September 4 to 14, 2020
OR September 15 to 25, 2020
More info here.


We offer what’s known as “land tours” ““ so the dates below reflect the first day in the country, not the departure date from Canada. We are very pleased to be working with our excellent travel agents at Ellison Travel & Tours, our official partner with TICO #2392471 : Kelly Richards and Melanie Treasure.

Hope you decide to join us for our adventures in 2020, and share our labour of love. Expect to eat, drink and laugh a lot ““ and adore every minute. It may be the best party you ever attended.

Slainte and all the best,

Billy & Kato