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Wonder Reds

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Two of my favourite rustic reds are drinking really well right now. And are attractively priced too. Alianca’s Bairrada (a region) is classic rustic – gutsy, tangy dry, with the feeling of a country café. Very real, wholesome and ready to connect you to mother earth. Can never understand why I don’t buy more of this wine.

Quartetto falls into a more modern style. Rooted in rustic but with cushions on the chairs. While there is a sense of old hillside villages there is also some richness. A wonderful blend of regional character and drinkability. Certainly a great ambassador for Portuguese red wine. The label is also refreshingly modern.

ALIANCA 08 Bairrada, Portugal 158741 $8.65

QUARTETTO 08 Alentejano, Portugal 253880 $8.85

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