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Wine for Curry

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MateusA favourite Toronto food shop is Fiesta Farms (on Christie, just north of Bloor). Looks like a supermarket but operates like an Italian corner store. There’s a serious commitment to fresh produce and traditional/low price cuts of meat. After shopping on Tuesday we decided to go for curry at the nearby Banjara www.torontobanjara.com (on Bloor at the southwest corner of Christie Pits). The food and ambiance is a lot better than the ‘strip mall’ appearance. Lots of white linen. And I had the opportunity to try a wine I’ve always thought would be a good partner for curry – Mateus Rosé from Portugal.

The slight sweetness, prickly zest, and low alcohol of Mateus are perfect partners for spicy/hot foods. Refreshment that takes nothing from the flavours. And which doesn’t cost much. If you’re doing this at home I suggest you decant the Mateus into clear glass to enjoy the pretty colour. And perhaps avoid negative comments.

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