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FALL 2012: It’s official. The two biggest decisions on the planet were made this month – Rob Ford aside. Americans re-elected Obama, and I changed my drinking habits. Not really, but I am making changes in my work – charting a new direction. Which involves letting go of some things such as Billy’s Best Bottles annual Book.

Sorry to say it’s true. It wasn’t easy to give up something I’ve nurtured for twenty-two years but one must let something go in order to explore new adventures and challenges. While I hate to disappoint loyal readers, I hope that the scores of wine-buying tips on this blog will suffice. And they’re for free.

A mighty thanks to all for your great support. Especially those who gave annual gifts of my book and to the enthusiastic book and kitchen stores. You all helped make BBB a Canadian best seller for more than a decade. I think of you with every bottle I open. Which is often. Never tire of saving souls from wine boredom and evil.

I am working on a truly meaningful wine book which I’ll tell you about when it’s more together. And a project in the area of Winespeak, better known as Wine Bullshit.

For now, I’d like to invite you to join Kato and I on one of our wine adventure holidays! Wine, food & culture camps – for active bodies and minds. Unique times for unique souls. We’re pouring a ton of energy into these to make them very special, and supported by a new partnership with an excellent travel company.

IF you are still interested in ordering the last edition – please read on!


Canada’s number one selling wine book is back, and recommends almost 400 really good wines – most of them in the $10 to $16 range. All styles are covered – dry, sweet, light and rich. More than 1500 wines were tasted – and many were consumed – while compiling this book. Each recommendation comes with a colour photo of the bottle and its code number – which is applicable Canada-wide. The wines are categorized by mood and situation, so you’ll know their best use.

BILLY’S BEST BOTTLES WINES FOR 2012 (the 22nd edition) is designed to make wine choices as easy as grocery shopping. Author Billy Munnelly has created ‘WINE BY MOOD’ CATEGORIES to provide wine drinkers a fool-proof approach to choosing and enjoying wines suited for the occasion in mind. These categories enable you to make appropriate wine choices without knowing anything about wine.

Besides recommended wine buys, you’ll find information on what’s ‘HOT, NEW & HAPPENING’, ‘GRAPES 101’, WINE & FOOD PAIRINGS, ENTERTAINMENT TIPS…plus a few surprises!