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Uniquely Italian White

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There is a movement in Italy to resurrect its indigenous white wines, something which could in time get us off the narrow Chard & Sauv menu of choice. Naturally I’m a fan, and I’ve been promoting these ‘alternative’ wines in my Vintages picks – but here’s one in regular LCBOs. Vermentino tastes like all those delicious whites locked in your memory from trips to Mediterranean cafés. A little citrusy, a little yummy, and a whole lot of give-me-more. Moderate alcohol and great drinkability too. The perfect patio white.

TOMMASI 11 Vermentino ‘Poggio al Tufo’, Tuscany, Italy 272138 $12.95

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2 Comments to Uniquely Italian White

  1. geoffrey james

    Right on. This is my go-to summer wine. I would make the point that everything Tommasi makes is good, including, especially, the Chiaretto rose Bardolino. I just wish we could get a straight Valpol from them.

  2. billy

    A straight Valpol is becoming rare with all the fuss over Ripasso. Same applies to Bardolino. Tough times for light reds.

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